Re: White Pine 3.1.1 Final Release

Mark (
Thu, 02 Jul 1998 08:43:18 -0700

Larry Chace wrote:

> If, in fact, it is true that only the
> White Pine clients send out the "spew", then, perhaps, White Pine has made
> some changes and those changes need to be examined.

there are two problems that are getting confused ?

one is chat spew. a client literally barfs a whole heap of chat that they
have sent over the last 20 minutes (or so).

one is chat loop. a client incessantly loops and loops chat.

the former i have only seen from wpine 3+ windows clients.

the latter i have seen from wpine 3+ windows versions and cornell "version1.0"
clients. the cornell version can clear the problem by having the client close
and reopen the chat window. the wpine version has to leave the ref and
reconnect. both these problems occur regularly on certain reflectors (running
wpine ref 2.1 i believe).

both problems are be different from the often humourous "chat drag" problem
which seems to accompany all windows versions ever produced.

and also different from the "recovery from chat lag" problem that used to
occur with macintosh cornell clients, where chat that had never made it out
of the client would finally spew forth in abundance, but not actually repeat.