Re: White Pine 3.1.1 Final Release

Jason Williams (
Thu, 2 Jul 1998 16:48:38 -0500 (CDT)

On Thu, 2 Jul 1998, Mark wrote:
> one is chat spew. a client literally barfs a whole heap of chat that they
> have sent over the last 20 minutes (or so).

I just always thought this was strange. From what Brian Godette has
mentioned, the chat buffer only stores about 60 seconds (or is it 5
minutes? I forget) of chat. I've seen the WP clients spew 20-30 minutes
of their past chat. I guess the buffer is fairly big for it. Or I guess
it could be limitted in kilobytes not time. The problem I've seen with
this type is that it tends to happen multiple times. I've seen it happen
about 4-5 times within 5 minutes. It's also not spewed to everyone I
don't think as I've asked others if they saw it and they responded
that they didn't.

> one is chat loop. a client incessantly loops and loops chat.

I've never seen this I don't think. What does it look like? looping
chat? Does it only loop one line over and over?

> both problems are be different from the often humourous "chat drag" problem
> which seems to accompany all windows versions ever produced.

An interesting note to this. I was told at some point that chat drag can
be prevented by waiting 30-40 seconds after leaving one reflector to go to
another. I had an interesting experience the other night where my chat
followed me from my previous connection which was over an hour old. I
guess the only way to guarantee chat drag doesn't happen is to close CU
and reopen.

> and also different from the "recovery from chat lag" problem that used to
> occur with macintosh cornell clients, where chat that had never made it out
> of the client would finally spew forth in abundance, but not actually repeat.

That sounds almost like backlogged packets or something that timed the
chat out and then were requested. I dunno since I've never seen it.

I wonder if all these chat problems could have been fixed if CU used more
of the Aux-Data features that Larry Chace mentioned.

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