Reflector on Linux Gateway w/Masquerading

Bruce Feist (
Sun, 05 Jul 1998 14:55:01 -0400

I run a Linux machine as a gateway for my home LAN to the Internet using
IP Masquerading. Rather than mess around with trying to get CU-SeeMe to
run through the masquerading, I decided that I could get a similar, but
more versatile, effect by installing Reflector; that way, since the
gateway knows both my internal IP addresses and the external addresses
used on the Internet, everything ought to just work, and I'd have the
added benefit of multiple connections. I'm planning on using this
mostly for family electronic get-togethers, so this should work out

However, I find that I can only connect to the Reflector under its
'private' IP address and hostname, Attempts from either
my LAN or externally fail, with a 'cannot connect' message. I use the
system regularly for PINGing, e-mail (as I'm doing here), and web
browsing; these all work.

So, it seems that Reflector has decided that it's running on one IP
address and not the other. How can I change its mind?