Win98 and Cornell v1.0

Houdini (
Sun, 5 Jul 1998 21:01:12 -0400

I did a fresh install of Win98 recently and am having trouble with Cornell
v1.0 that I didn't have with Win95.
All software was re-loaded fresh, no backup was used.
The first problem was with the Connectix upgrade to 2.1, CU just didn't work
at all. I uninstalled the upgrade and re-installed the original version
from Connectix (btw....B/W Quickcam). That seemed to fix the CU problem, at
least locally.....I can now see my own vid and all the menu's work
correctly. However, when I connect to a ref, usually an Eref, I cannot get
any (sometimes I can 2 or 3 by choosing Show All) vids to come up. I double
click on the nick but nothing happens, no vid window. I have checked all my
settings, compared them to another machine I own using Win95, and all the
settings are the same. I even did a DC between the 2 machines and the Win95
machine can receive the Win98 vid fine but not visa I said,
not even the window appears.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.