Improving VC's vid using Cornell

rkevwill (
Mon, 6 Jul 1998 03:34:41 -0700

I was wondering why my vid was so high quality with the quickcam VC usb on
Icuii, and so poor with Cu cornell or 3.1. So quite by accident, I left the
vid size at 320x240 when testing my ref with 2 puters. I was shocked at how
much the remote vid improved. I am not sure technically why the vid is so
improved, but to all who use the quick cam vc, I suggest trying the vid size
at 320x240 with cornell. The remote vid improves dramatically. It removes
the "hazy" effect completely. I am using cornell on a Micron Laptop with a
266 and 64k ram. I was connected to a Spacers Ref, (mine) with the Micron
and my Mac with 3.1 was viewing the vid. At the 160x120 the vid was the
normal bad hazy vid we are accustomed to with the VC. Not sure how 2.1 or
other cornell versions will view the vid at this time.
R. Kevin Williams