Catch Up Thoughts, CU 3.1, ClassPoint, Marriage

Gary Dietz (
Tue, 7 Jul 1998 03:16:16 -0400

Hello list.

Thanks to all for private and public honeymoon wishes. Here are some
thoughts based on some recent postings and e-mails.

a) No, you can't meet my wife on a CU conference. Well, unless you ask her,
and I'm not about to give give you her e-mail address to let you ask ;-)

'Infinity 7' *has* CU'd with my wife. What a lucky guy!

b) CU 3.1 contact cards are misunderstood in general (though this can
probably be partially attributed to Four11 not having caught on...). They
way I understand contact cards to work is that if you have a buddy on a
contact card, and that buddy is registered with Four11, and that buddy has a
dynamic IP address, the CU phonebook mechanism uses the Four11 database to
DYNAMICALLY locate the buddy's IP address (if he/she is online) and provide
it to the CU 3.1 dialer. Thus, in addition to serving the purpose of
static, "reflector site" IP addresses the CU 3.X phonebook was always
intended to solve part of the dynamic IP address issue.

If you "get" a contact card of a fellow 3.1 user, and that user is
registered on Four11, it does solve the dynamic IP address issue. Repeat,
if Four11 is used, it does solve the issue. However, we all know the
various other "people finders" both standards-based and others that have
caught on other than Four11.

c) I did not meet my wife on NetMeeting ;-)

I would have been very lucky to have met her on NetMeeting, if I had done
so. She is intelligent and charming -- and can bake a mean biscotti.

I've actually known her since junior high school, and we started dating at
our ten year high school reunion. We use CU-SeeMe to chat with my Mom, Dad,
brother, and nieces. We also use AOL buddy chat. And I even use
NetMeeting. Even have iVisit and ICUII on my machine from time to time.
(My second favorite end-point is ProShare though...)

d) NetMeeting, as of last week, is shipping as a part of ClassPoint (version
1.02). We use it for the ClassPoint whiteboard and application sharing. We
integrated in a really cool way. Here's some highlights...

- You never see the MS NetMeeting interface through ClassPoint.

- The student CAN'T start the whiteboard. It is enabled and started by the
instructor, and then it fires up on the student's machine.

- Application sharing is initiated and controlled by the instructor.
"Cursor contention", the phenomenon where two or more people "fight" for a
shared cursor, is eliminated as the ClassPoint Instructor controls the app
sharing through the use of the spotlight.

- ClassPoint does not use NetMeeting for audio or video.

- ClassPoint is not just a few new commands that are added to the server
side. It is a true instructor led environment for distance learning. If
there are any K-12 or University educators who want more info, or who want
to trial ClassPoint, see or e-mail me
offlist at

e) With regards to Martyne, thanks for clarifying the issues. There is no
conspiracy. Per Martyne's e-mail, Cornell 1.0 will be released on a
schedule that, while disappointing to some, will be determined by the
parties involved.

f) The rumoured CU-SeeMe Lite has nothing to do with Cornell 1.0, period.
You may have also seen CU 3.5X in the White Pine cafe. That's just some
internal ClassPoint testing. Surprised that that hasn't caused a major ream
of speculation too. I think I'll log on to the WP Cafe with a "Gary Lotto
Winner" handle and see what transpires ;-)

g) My responsibilities at White Pine are for CU-SeeMe in K-12 and University
education and ClassPoint, and I post here only to support (and meet) many
fine educational contacts, many who remain lurkers lest they be ROTC (raked
over the coals).

Official White Pine CU-SeeMe announcements are through our web pages and
registered customer e-mails (which are not perfect). Generally, but not
always, information hits this list before it hits our web pages. Yet, we're
damned if we do announce on this list ("hey you commercial advertiser") and
damned if we don't ("why didn't you announce that here!"). Sigh...

h) I have repeated customers (at leadt one list lurker who knows who he is
[Jeff]) who confirm that audio on CU 3.1 over MeetingPoint rocks on a modem.
ClassPoint and CU 3.11 has only improved that.

Another data point... At an AIRPORT on 16K connection on an AT&T payphone I
successfully used CU 3.11 over MPCS in a private conference to do push to
talk audio (G.723) and about 1 fps video. (166Mhz Pent laptop, 64Mb RAM,
Nogatech cap card, built in laptop audio, headphones, built in 56K modem
connected at 16K dial in).