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Wayne Fisher (
Tue, 07 Jul 1998 08:05:12 -0400


The QuickCam VC NT drivers do NOT yet contain the QuickCam or QuickPict
applications. Please be advised that the NT drivers for the QuickCam VC are
still in beta (right now, it is beta version 3). You may want to check out for full details, and
make sure you download and install the latest NT drivers for the QuickCam VC
(the NT driver information is located towards the bottom of the referenced
URL). But, as the information on the referenced page states, the QuickCam and
QuickPict applications are NOT currently part of the QuickCam VC drivers for
Windows NT. And, you cannot use the Windows 95 versions of these applications,
since they will not work with the NT drivers.

Hope this helps....

And yes, I'm posting to the list again....

- Wayne

> At 07:52 PM 7/6/98 -0400, Jim wrote:
> >I am running WinNT with the new quickcam VC. I managed to get the
> >driver working, DL'd Cornell's brand-new 1.0 color software and I am
> >very pleased to say everything works great for me in the world of
> >vido conferencing.
> >
> >
> >HERE is my problem... i used to have a regular color quickcam, and it
> >was capable of taking snapshots... I cannot Find any software to take
> >snapshots with this QCamVC through NT.
> >
> >CAn anyone help please???? I have been all over the web, leaft email
> >and phone msgs with connectix, literally exauseted all possibilities.
> >
> >you guys are my last hope.
> >
> >Thank you so much for your time.
> >
> >
> >MissMarieB
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