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Wayne Fisher (
Tue, 07 Jul 1998 19:23:49 -0400

At 06:00 PM 7/7/98 , you wrote:
>On Tue, 7 Jul 1998, Wayne Fisher wrote:
>> And, you cannot use the Windows 95 versions of these applications, since
>> they will not work with the NT drivers.
>Would you happen to know if Connectix is planning to port
>QuickPict/QuickMovie to NT for the VC? I seem to recall the same
>predicament with the B&W Quickcam as well. (NT drivers were available..but
>not the apps). I could be wrong though.
>From what I understand from a technician at Connectix, once the QuickCam VC
drivers are out of beta, QuickPict and QuickMovie WILL be included... but
only when the drivers are out of beta. From what I understand, NT handles
the video stream differently than what Win 95 and Win 3.1 do, so they are
trying to port the drivers first. Once the drivers are done, the
applications should follow through.

I have been assured that the Win 95 drivers and applications WILL work on
Win 98 (but I'll be damned if I upgrade to an OS that is nothing more than
patches, duct tape, and band-aids).

>> And yes, I'm posting to the list again....
>Welcome back :)
>Perhaps you're like me...just can't stay away for very long. :)

Actually, Jason... I grew up :) - I realized not to take life too
seriously, and roll with the punches...

- Wayne