RE: White Pine 2.0.X reflectors with 3.X clients

Jason Williams (
Thu, 9 Jul 1998 06:23:28 -0500 (CDT)

On Thu, 9 Jul 1998, oz wrote:
> Naturally theproblem with undocumented keystrokes/features/whatever
> in any product is that they are just that...undocumented so
> I certainly wouldn't want to come to depend on them as they could
> stop working in any new release.

True...but considering the web page was talking about the
version which was released late last year(?) and it still works with the
latest 3.1.1 versions 7 months later means it's still there for whatever

I do know of some "undocumented" MPCS commands as well that have been
there since the first betas of MPCS and continue to be in there.. The
same with the White Pine 2.1 reflector. Perhaps the client is the same

I wouldn't depend so much on the ALT-J fix though...I don't have any need
since the Cornell 1.0 client works perfect fine with White Pine 2.0.X
reflectors :) I just thought it was interesting that the right alt key
combination at the right time allowed a connection to a reflector version
that previously impossible.

Oddly enough...I don't count on the undocumented features near as much
as I count on the bugs and quirks that remain version after version.
Perhaps the undocumented features are much more likely to vanish sooner
than the bugs/quirks. :)

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