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Gary Dietz (
Thu, 09 Jul 1998 16:09:35 -0400


In your scenario, I strongly recommend you take one of two routes:

Contact the Global Schoolhouse ( to reserve, for free, time
on their MeetingPoint server. Or, contact Powerscourt ( to
take advantage of similar low/no cost multipoint educational server hosting

As a GSN member (registration is free) you'll be able to buy up to 3 copies
of CU-SeeMe 3.1 for Windows or Mac for only $35 each.

With MeetingPoint, the conference can be configured through web page entry
to allow the two or three senders to be allowed to join in and send. Or,
you can just publish the IP address and conference number of the event on
the web page, and have participants "manually dial" into the conference.
You can also choose to password protect the conference at a number of levels.

The remaining participants can be forced by the server to log in as viewers
only. There are a number of ways to achieve that effect, which we can take
up offline. You can also achieve other forms of "web based" launching
though HTML and "CU" files.

GSN is probably a good bet because:

a) They are free
b) They use MeetingPoint which will give you better low-bandwidth results
than any other version of the server component
c) They have experience and can hook you up with other educational resources
d) You can take advantage of the special low-cost CU-SeeMe client offers.

If you want more details, contact me ( offline, and I'll
hook you up with appropriate GSN contacts and/or White Pine's online events
coordinator (I've blind cc'd those people). Also Jackson, in New York,
there are a number of vendors on our "White Pine Video Chat Network" that
may be willing (can't promise though) to help you out.

Things to watch out for:
- Make sure that the network connection between Namibia and New York is
provided by a quality provider and has the potential to be somewhat stable
- Make sure the participating schools meet minimum system requirements and
test out their systems well before the actual event.
- Make sure that the event has a "moderator" who will be in control of the
interactivity, even if only at a text chat level

The GSN web pages have some great ideas too.

Best of luck,


At 02:42 PM 7/9/98 -0400, Jackson Harvell wrote:
>I have been asked to set up an internet event which will connect two
>schools, one in the USA and the other in Namibia Africa. Students at each
>school will use CU-SeeMe to talk back and forth and I would like to make
>the streams available for others to see but not participate in.
>As I understand the technology, I will use a direct connection between the
>schools but I am not sure how to make the exchange available to other users.
>The event will have a web page as its home, and I would like to incorporate
>the CU-SeeMe into the page so people wishing to "listen in" can link from
>this page to the broadcast stream.
>I have several ISPs I can use should I need to set up my own reflector, but
>this seems like an inefficient route. (and I haven't checked with them to
>see if there are any issues)
>Can anyone offer suggestions or point me to some resources or consultants?
>any help is greatly appreciated.
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> Fax (212)358-8400

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