Re: Cornell v1.0 and WP 3.X together ....

Ralph D'Andrea (
Fri, 10 Jul 1998 06:17:10 -0600

Vaios Papaioannou wrote:

> but as u propably know the wp3.1.1 versions do not talk to cornell versions

They don't? Each day I talk to people with Cornell when I'm using WP
3.1.1, and vice-versa. The only problem between the two is that the
older Cornell versions don't see color.

> what amazed me was that I wasn't able to run v1.0 again unless I had the
> 3.1.1 uninstalled....
> anyone knows the workaround to this, i.e. have both versions at the same
> time ??

I am assuming you are using the Windows version? I have both White Pine and Cornell 1.0 on my machine at the same time with no
problems. As a matter of fact, the Cornell versions will use whatever
video codecs WP 3.1.1 installs.

Of course, they won't RUN very well at the same time because they
contend for the video capture device.

I have NO CLUE as to why you are having problems. I have my Cornell
version in a separate folder, but as far as I know the .exe files, .ini
files, and phonebooks all have different names.