"Phantom" connections

Fri, 10 Jul 98 08:11:23 -0500

Who can explain the "phantom" connection? We've all seen one, probably
even been one: A nickname will pop into the participant list and athe
window will open but no data will appear and all the connector's rates
remain at zero. To the person trying to connect it appears as if the ref
is not answering. Usually a reboot will solve it, so you would be
inclined to say some portion of your local client went out to lunch, but
you can also usually still connect to other refs, so what is happening
between the client and the ref? When this happens to me, RefMarshall
will show my nick as being connected but the my client either says
nothing or unable to connect. Yet I can still connect to other refs.
Doesn't seem to matter whether I am running Cornell or WP clients. It's
as if a temporary "deny" has been entered for my IP and yet I do not get
the deny error message when trying to connect. Experts? -RedDawg

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Date: 07/10/98
Time: 08:11:24
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