Re: Cornell v1.0 and WP 3.X together ....

Vaios Papaioannou (
Fri, 10 Jul 1998 14:25:10 +0100 (BST)

I wish I was as lucky as you are !!

> Vaios Papaioannou wrote:
> > but as u propably know the wp3.1.1 versions do not talk to cornell versions
> They don't? Each day I talk to people with Cornell when I'm using WP
> 3.1.1, and vice-versa. The only problem between the two is that the
> older Cornell versions don't see color.

I was on the WP ref. this morning and I could not receive video from the WP 3.1.1 version (they were using m-jpeg - color)

> > what amazed me was that I wasn't able to run v1.0 again unless I had the
> > 3.1.1 uninstalled....
> >
> > anyone knows the workaround to this, i.e. have both versions at the same
> > time ??
> I am assuming you are using the Windows version? I have both White Pine
> and Cornell 1.0 on my machine at the same time with no
> problems. As a matter of fact, the Cornell versions will use whatever
> video codecs WP 3.1.1 installs.
> Of course, they won't RUN very well at the same time because they
> contend for the video capture device.

Yes I use winodws, and now v1.0 refuses to start !!!!!

> I have NO CLUE as to why you are having problems. I have my Cornell
> version in a separate folder, but as far as I know the .exe files, .ini
> files, and phonebooks all have different names.
yes that's the case...