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Alan Jarvi (
10 Jul 1998 14:51:44 -0400


Actually the configuration is fairly self explanatory. I simply started
working thru the config file, reading the comments and uncommenting out
or creating a like config line for each parameter I was interested
in using. As an example:

; turns off echoing of config file values, default ECHO is off.

I simply created the "ECHO-ON" line so my reflector will be in
self reflect mode for client testing. I actually have two different
config files, one for normal mode and one for self reflect, which
I can call from a script depending on how I want the reflector to
work at the moment.

I would suggest just working thru the config file, reading the
comments and trying things out.

I run this as a small five (5) user experimental system. Maybe some
others on the list can give you more pointers...Hint...Hint...for
Streak or Brian (the developer)...:-)

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Subject: Re: WP reflector
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Date: 7/10/98 1:50 PM

Thanks for your support. I have installed the free Enhanced Reflector,
but I'm having little problems in configuring it. Do you know where I
can get help? I'm using the Windows version.



Alan Jarvi escreveu:
> Marcos,
> I can't help with the s/n, but I would suggest you try using Brian
> Goddette's free Enhanced Reflector. You can get it at:
> He has ported it to a number of OSs. I run a LINUX version.
> Al
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> Subject: WP reflector
> Author: at EXTERNAL
> Date: 07/10/98 08:07
> The WP reflector is no long supported by WP. Can anyone help me with
> the
> serial number for evaluation?
> Thanks,
> Marcos.
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