Re[2]: Winov Card & Connectex Cam.

Alan Jarvi (
10 Jul 1998 15:06:52 -0400

Another alternative is to toss the Connectix QuickCam...You will get much better
results with the Winnov card and camcorder combo. Give it to a relative so you
can video conference with them...


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Subject: Re: Winov Card & Connectex Cam.
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Date: 07/10/98 14:27

I have a Winnov Traveller, and a Kodak USB cam on my laptop. I use SoftCam to
switch between them in real-time. The Winnov coexists with the Kodak, but it
does conflict with a third camera on the system (yes, 3 cams on a laptop). The
third camera is a Built-in video capture device (I have a Toshiba 750 DVD) and
if I have the camera plugged into the card, the Winnov won't work. But if I
unplug the Toshiba camera and reboot (sometimes I have to reboot twice), Winnov
will work.

The Winnov should work with the QuickCam, as long as you're not trying to run
them at the same time. Yes, CUSeeMe does allow you to choose your video input
device (before you start your conference). If you need to switch between the 2
cameras easily without restarting your conference, try SoftCam, a video
switcher, at

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On 7/10/98, at 1:01 PM, Jim Purdy wrote:

>I just bought a winov video card to input video from my camcorder to the
'puter..... I am wondering what conflicts will I have with my connectex cam? Do
I have to unhook the connectex, or will cuseeme give me a choice of video
inputs or???
>If anyone on the list has had any experience with the two types of media
inputs, feel free to speak up...If you wish, you can E me direct....
>thanks for your help!!!
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