news from macworld nyc.

Mark Andrew Nassy (
Fri, 10 Jul 1998 19:22:08 -0400

news from macworld nyc as it relates to cuseeme. my 1st time attending

the learning center:

planned a live demonstration of wp cu but unfortunately the event never
occured (apparently no one showed up to give the demonsration i was told).
the learning center provided free internet access to people attending the
vendor section of macworld ny using dhcp and viacom internet gateway (i
think it was the gateway, well the word viacom was in there somewhere).
several individuals publically said they were looking forward to viewing
the demonstration.


was able to see quickcam vc in action on an imac. pretty cool. the drivers
for that demonstration model didnt support recording.

audio in virtual pc should b better in version 3. dont know if this will
translate into better audio with cu. audio transmission with cornell cu
0.92b2 running from a ram disk and vpc 2 doesnt work well for me. audio
reception with or without the ram disk works fine. live video input to vpc
apparently requires quite a bit of cpu processing power. it was suggested
that if the feature were made available for the current macs that after
displaying the video the computer may have difficulty keeping up with other
required tasks.

name of vendor with held.

in the future one vendor plans to bundle another videoconferencing
application with its product instead of wp cuseeme. i dont know if this
means they r currently bundling wp cu with their product.

mac os X and cornell cu 0.87b3 and geek talk 2.

matt from apple ran both through some publically available program

< >

to check for compatibility with mac os x. the results were rather good.

cornell cuseeme 0.87b3: < 3% api calls r incompatible with macos x.

geek talk 2: < 0.6% of api calls r incompatible with macos x. basically
this boils down to 2 incompatible api calls. matt suggested that it was
possible but not guaranteed that apple may provide work arounds for either
or possibly both of these unsupported api calls in macos x should they not
b modified in the application. good job chris.


got to view dv camcorders and firewire on several macs. the quality of the
movies they produce is really great. had a hard time getting accurate
information about this and cuseeme. after several tries i finally got an
accurate answer. turns out a dv camcorder and firewire do not work with cu
the current publically available version of cu because cu does not
recognize firewire as a video input source.

and the really good news.

i won a free g3 upgrade card for my mac. :-)

Mark Andrew Nassy,