Re: Re[3]: WP reflector

Jason Williams (
Fri, 10 Jul 1998 18:52:15 -0500 (CDT)

On 10 Jul 1998, Alan Jarvi wrote:
> I misspoke...ECHO-ON turns ON echoing of config file values when you
> start the reflector. My comment about reading the comments is well
> taken...Now I need to follow my own advice. My mind was obviously in
> 'self reflect' mode at the time...:-)

If your mind is in self-reflect mode, does that mean you talk to yourself
a lot? :)
echo-on just helps for debugging the config file though I believe the
Enhanced Reflector will spit out a line number of someone goes wrong.

> I run this as a small five (5) user experimental system. Maybe some
> others on the list can give you more pointers...Hint...Hint...for
> Streak or Brian (the developer)...:-)

Combing thru the doc file helps...The only problem I've seen people have
is distinguishing between one ID reflectors (ala: old Cornell style) or
multiple conference reflectors (ala: WP 2.0 style).

For one ID reflectors, use CONF-ID..For multiple conference IDs, use
CONF-DUPLEX-ID and all the CONF-* commands to set it per conference. That
fact isn't too clear in the doc file.

Also...always override the global parameters. I helped someone else out a
few months ago that couldn't get more than 20 people in a conference even
though he had CONF-MAX-PARTICIPANTS and CONF-MAX-SENDERS set to some
higher number. Turns out, the global MAX-PARTICIPANTS, etc. is set to 20
by default.

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