Re: Cornell v1.0 and WP 3.X together ....

Vaios Papaioannou (
Sat, 11 Jul 1998 01:56:41 +0100

thanks for your answers !!

the problem has been solved after turning off the **listener** ...(any many
uni-re-installations in the in between !!!)

no i wasn't trying to run them at once of course !

but the Cornell version 1 was refusing to start, all day today untill I
found the cure....

thanks once more !

cheers !!!

PS Wpine (using m-jpeg) still doesn't talk (video wise) to Cornell v1.0 on
a WP reflector...

>They talk to each other perfectly well...I often interact with Cornell
>0.9X/1.0, WP 3.1.X, Q-SeeMe, etc versions just fine.
>> what amazed me was that I wasn't able to run v1.0 again unless I had the
>> 3.1.1 uninstalled....
>I have Cornell 0.92b2, Cornell 1.0, WP 2.1.2, and WP all
>installed and running fine. Of course, you can't run them at the same