ATI and SoftCam

Jamie Erbes (
Fri, 10 Jul 1998 19:56:31 -0700

Hi Jason,

You asked me last night how I got ATI working with SoftCam on Cornell's CU 1.0. The first thing to do is to download the new updated version of SoftCam 1.0.1 (or get the little updater if you don't want to dl the full build with all its image samples). I just posted it on the web site around midnight (PST) last night. It is a bit more stable and overcomes some live/stored switching problems with some capture devices. It now supports all ATI formats. It also "fixes" the Iomega Buz driver to work with NetMeeting, stabilizes the Connectix QuickClip driver, and cleans up some driver residue left behind by the Hauppage WinTV (audio sometimes gets stuck on).

The previous SoftCam/ATI combo had trouble if the ATI was natively set at QCIF (176x144). In other words, if you brought up CU, go to video preferences, select the ATI card, OK (CU will complain of unsupported video at this point), go back into video preferences, click format, set the ATI format to a size other than QCIF, OK (CU will complain again), go back into video preferences, select SoftCam as your video device, and then make sure your SoftCam video format settings are RGB 160x120.

The new 1.0.1 SoftCam shouldn't be so difficult as the QCIF support is fixed.

Also remember that when SoftCam is launched by CU (or any other video app), and it comes up in "live" mode, you might need to switch the stored/live toggle back and forth to bump the camera driver again. Also, a common problem we see stems from inadequate video capture device installation procedures. Many device vendors just don't do registry updates properly. They often leave device descriptions and "friendly names" unpopulated. When this is the case, SoftCam will have trouble finding the device's drivers. Windows "fixes" its own registry in this case if you go to your control panel, open up the Multimedia control panel, click the Advanced tab, look at your video capture devices, and then click OK. It's safest to reboot afterward depending on your applications and devices.

Please let me know if problems persist, we've been able to fix most device compatibility issues when we're told about them.

CU on the net,

Jamie Erbes (jerbes)