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> 25) Re: Color support for Mac OS...
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> I know a color version is in the works. I've talked to a few of the
> people testing it. Right now, it's not ready for primetime. When it

also, as i understand some version of 0.97aXXc may have problems
transmitting audio if u have mac os 8.1, and virtual memory on, and or
sound out quality higher than 22.050 kHz. :-(

> understand it, a lot of the codecs need the processing power of the PPC
> architecture. It sounds pretty much like the reasoning behind the lack of

i dont know if u can obtain a copy of wp 2.x but i think 2.x may allow u to
view some color videos. i recall a wp employee mentioning some time ago
that the mac recommendations for wp cu r for a ppc but that it may work on
some 68k macs or they may have said something similar to that--anyway the
information should b somewhere in the archives.

i dont know if wp cu 3.1.1 will work on a 68k mac. i think the m-JPEG
codec and the Indeo 3.2 codec r supported on the 68k mac (im not 100% sure
of that though).

> > Are there any additional alternatives which should be considered??
> > Any assistance is greatly appreciated...

> iVisit is looking pretty impressive..once Boxtop adds some more controls
> and fixes a few of the glitches in the GUI, it should be an even more
> impressive program. ( As far as CU-SeeMe
> may try installing MkLinux and seeing if you can run
> Q-SeeMe, but that's a bit of a stretch for most people. :) I have heard
> people have had success using the Cornell 1.0 PC version with Virtual PC
> on the Mac. I'm not sure if the color worked or not though.

if u obtain a test copy of cornell version 1 from:

and not use a "mislabelled" copy as once happened to me u can receive
h.263, and m-JPEG color video with virtual pc on a 250mhz 604e or faster
cpu with 46,000+ k preferred memory allotted to vpc and a 28.8 modem
connection. u can also transmit video using m-JPEG. note: this video is not
live video. 1 way to get somewhat live video into win cu and vpc may b to
use a win application that converts the contents of the win clipboard into
video that win cu can use. vpc or softwindows running win 95 / 98 requires
a ppc. it may also help if u run win cu off of a ram disk (i think the size
of ur ram disk has to b below a certain very high number if u plan to run
vpc). also if u plan to run win cu off of a ram disk the phone book will
not work with vpc 1.0 and win cu 0.92b2 or 1.0. upgrade to vpc 2.0 for it
to work.

an additional alternative is clearphone. it is reported to b able to
transmit cd quality audio over a modem, transmit voice clearly, and have
really fast video. unfortunately i dont have a url for it handy. one vendor
i spoke with at macworld is considering replacing wp cu with this
application for distribution with their mac / win product. the last time i
checked a ms windows version was not available but was in development. i
checked a while back.

u can also try ircle an irc client that lets u stream video and soon audio.
note: as of july 1998 u can only stream video with other macintosh ircle

Mark Andrew Nassy,