Re: Video Capture Devices and SoftCam

Jamie Erbes (
Sat, 11 Jul 1998 17:20:01 -0700

Ditto what Jason said, with the following addendum:

Ir you select SoftCam as the default device within your application, and use SoftCam to toggle between the devices, you won't even have to stop and restart your conference. SoftCam manages the invokation of the device drivers.

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On 7/11/98, at 5:34 PM, Jason Williams wrote:

>On Sat, 11 Jul 1998, Tom Prugh wrote:
>> I have both a STB TV PCI Tuner and a CuSeeMe driver that show up in
>> Start | Settings | Control Panel | Multimedia | Advanced | Video Capture Devices
>> (Advanced is shown as Devices in Windows 98). One or other has to be
>> activated and then I have to reboot.
>I'm not sure what a "CuSeeMe driver" is..CU doesn't come with its own
>capture device driver as far as I know.
>I have an STB TV PCI, B&W Quickcam, Softcam, and CU-Doodle all listed as
>capture devices. I have them all enabled and CU allows me to choose which
>device to use.
>> Does SoftCam provide a way to change the active driver without rebooting?
>You shouldn't have to reboot to toggle it on and off from the Control
>panel. If you enable all of the devices, then choose the Softcam capture
>device in the program, it will let you toggle between the available ones
>within Softcam.
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