Re: Color support for Mac OS...

Mark Andrew Nassy (
Sat, 11 Jul 1998 22:58:56 -0400

At 4:44 PM -0500 on 7/11/98, Jason Williams wrote:

> The queston I have..does Clearphone provide a multiconference mode? Or is
> it just another one of the point to point programs like many of the PC

< > states in the What is ClearPhone? section:

Multi-connect Group conferencing with Hi-Res "always clear" Video and Audio.

< >
states in the The Extras Menu- Show Error messages section:

When the Allow Multiple calls is active then you can receive more calls
while a call is active.

i havent tried this so i dont know if this implies u can view multiple
videos simultaneously, and or hear audio from any of the individuals
connected to u and or the pub or however it works. i dont know if large
conferences would b a problem for people with modems connected to their
plain old telephone system either.

> ones out there? Is it H.323 compliant? If so, MeetingPoint would help
> out somewhat.

i didnt c anything in the online web pages indicating that it was h.323
compliant. 2 mac video conferencing clients that may possibly b h.323
compliant r:

wp enhanced cu, and
internet phone.

i dont know the absolute minimum requirements for either program.

Mark Andrew Nassy,