Re: Cornell v1.0 and WP 3.X together ....

Phil (
Sun, 12 Jul 1998 00:44:01 -0400

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From: Vaios Papaioannou <>
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Date: Friday, July 10, 1998 7:28 AM
Subject: Cornell v1.0 and WP 3.X together ....

>No I don't want this email to develop into a flaming discussion,
>but as u propably know the wp3.1.1 versions do not talk to cornell versions
> versions so I gave 3.1.1 a try...

It depends on what codec the White Pine client is running. If the White
Pine client is sending M-JPEG, the Cornell client can recieve video if that
client has M-JPEG available.

>what amazed me was that I wasn't able to run v1.0 again unless I had the
>3.1.1 uninstalled....
>anyone knows the workaround to this, i.e. have both versions at the same
>time ??

I have Cornell 1.0, White Pine 2.1.1, White Pine 3.1.1 all installed. Of
course, it's not a good idea to attempt to run them at the same time. Try
re-installing. I've been using the M-JPEG codec from White Pine 3.1.1 with
my Cornell 1.0 client.