Connection Weirdness (One-way D/C)
Mon, 13 Jul 98 08:23:53 -0500

Dear List,

Something extremely weird is happening in the reflector which I
host. It has happened at least 3 times that I am aware of but it is
difficult to describe the conditions under which it happens. Here is my
attempt to explain a typical instance:

1. The ref runs MPCS v. 3.0.6 with all known current patches
2. User A is running Cornell 1.0 CU client.
3. User B is running unknown CU client.
4. User A and User B engage in a direct connection. Who has
called who is unknown, or MAY be immaterial.
5. A and B end their D/C and A connects to the ref in the normal
fashion, and begins to interact with others who are also
connected to the ref.
6. User B then sends a new D/C request to User A.
7. User B initially receives a "Cannot connect to" message, however, this is shortly
followed by a return D/C request from User A, one which
User A did not initiate since he is still connected to the
ref. User B accepts this request.
8. User B then finds himself in a "one-way" D/C with User A, i.e.,

he can see User A's vid and can see all chat User A is sending
to the ref. ONLY User A is on User B's participant list.
9. User A has not received a D/C request from User B, does NOT see

user B on his ref participant list, cannot see his vid or chat,

and otherwise has no idea User B is able to see him.

In one known instance of this occurring, User A confirmed that his
"Confirm incoming calls" box (under View/Preferences/General tab WAS
checked, but he still received no indication that the one-way connection
with User B was established.

There are two variations on this theme. First is that step 7 above
does not occur, i.e., User B will find himself connected to user A
immediately after making the D/C request, and User A is still unaware of
the connection. The other variation is that steps 4-7 above DO NOT
OCCUR, i.e., User B, by simply knowing User A's IP can unilaterally
establish a "one-way" direct connection with User A so long as User A has
an established connection with the reflector. In effect, User B is able
to "spy" on user A without his/her knowledge. Also, the one time I was
able to establish myself as a User B with the cooperation of a User A, I
THINK RefMarshall reported me as a participant in the ref, even though
the only person I could see was User A, however that particular detail is
a little fuzzy in my memory now.

Is this a Cornell bug, a MPCS bug, or a combination of the two
working together? More importantly, what can/will be done about it?

ICQ UIN: 286166
Date: 07/13/98
Time: 08:23:53
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