audio problems with test copy of win cu 1.0.

Mark Andrew Nassy (
Tue, 14 Jul 1998 05:54:45 -0400

the problem:
win cu or the system of remote participants becomes unresponsive when i
transmit public continuous audio on a reflector with a test copy of win cu
1.0 using vpc on a g3 upgraded ppc.

hardware and software:
33.6 modem, 266 g3 upgrade card in an 8600, vpc 2.0.1, test copy of win cu
version 1.0.

remote participants:
win cu 0.97, ms windows 98, 56 modem, intel machine (not emulation software).

win 0.92b2, ms windows 95, 28.8 modem, intel machine (not emulation software).

my method:
1, run a test copy of win cu version 1 on vpc 2.0.x with a g3 upgraded pci
macintosh. run win cu from a macintosh ram disk.

2, transmit continuous audio from a cd (using the default audio settings in
the preferences window, and latch checked in the audio window) on a wp 3.0+
reflector to win cu 0.97, and cornell cu 0.92b2 remote participants.

the results:
if audio reception is enabled: win cu 0.97 and 0.92b2 or windows 95 / 98
becomes unresponsive to mouse clicks.

my discussion:
it was difficult for me to get any details on this problem but the people
who described the problem had a "sense of impending doom" that is they felt
their computer was about to crash. i think it was cu alone that became
unresponsive to mouse clicks or to keyboard input and not ms windows but i
cant b sure. this problem as far as i know did not occur prior to my
upgrading my 604e with a g3 upgrade card. since with either a 604e or a g3
upgrade card the audio i transmit with the test copy of cu version 1 and
vpc on a reflector is not "good" per remote participants i dont plan to
continue using vpc to transmit audio but thought that the results may b of
interest to some on the list.

Mark Andrew Nassy,