Re: Don't know what's happening

Kevin McCormick (
Wed, 15 Jul 1998 09:33:37 -0400

Hi Micheal,

You need to contact CU Tech support at White Pine Software as 3.1 is White
Pine's. I've cc'd them for you to get you in the queue.

As a guess 3.1 was not tested on Win98 to my knowledge but when we released
3.1.1 it was. I recommend getting 3.1.1 it is a free upgrade for you and
trying that one. You can download it off our website at the below URL

After you successfully download the 3.1.1 installer files uninstall 3.1
then run the 3.1.1 installer for a clean install. Copy down your current
serial number as it will run 3.1.1.

Also for the Camera check the manufacturer's website for Win98 drivers if
you have not done so yet. It very well may be the camera drivers are not
fully Win 98 compatible. Things like this should settle down after a few
months of Win 98's release.

Hope this helps! You can also phone in for help as well. 603 886 9050.


At 12:32 AM 7/15/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Dear Sirs,
>It seems I have a big problem. I recently bought a Cu-seeme V3.1 program,
>and installed it when I had Windows '95; back then everything seem to run
>ok, but since I've gotten the Windows '98 it all seems to go haywire!!
>First of all my camera is extremely temperamental and will install ok, but
>when it's time to perform I keep getting the message: "video capture device
>not found Cu-seemeV3.2; (418)." That's strange because I have the V3.1
>version. And, I am unable to connect to Four11 connect. I've re-registered
>with them for over 20 times to be sure I have it, but to no avail.
>Can someone please guide me through this, I getting fed up, and will
>probably send everthing back to where I bought it for a refund, or it's
>hammer time.