Re: Don't know what's happening

Bernard Matthews (
Wed, 15 Jul 1998 12:07:32 -0400

I don't have Win98, but I just read the following on CNN's site
earlier today. It may or may not apply to your problem, but it
could be worth knowing. These are only bare bones excerpts,
the full article is at:

The title of the article is: "Windows 98 disables
Microsoft competitors' software"

"Windows 98 includes a new utility, the Version Conflict Manager,
or VCM, to keep track of the disabled files and provide a way
for users to switch the files back. But the Win98 setup routine
does not provide any notice to users that the files are being
changed or that the Version Conflict Manager is available....

"The changed files are DLLs....the setup routine moves the file
to a new location, thereby disabling it. Win98 then installs an older
version....The application that depended on the newer version of that
file may no longer work properly, or it may no longer work at all.

"The Version Conflict Manager lets the user select a DLL file and trade the
older version for the newer version....Click Start, Programs, Accessories,
System Tools, System Information, Tools, Version Conflict Manager..."

"the VCM mechanism is only turned on during Windows 98 install...

"Any user who installs Windows 98 should check the Version Conflict
Manager immediately after the setup routine is complete to see if
any shared files were changed."

At 12:32 AM 7/15/98 -0400, Michael G. K. Canopin wrote:
>Dear Sirs,
>It seems I have a big problem. I recently bought a Cu-seeme V3.1 program,
>and installed it when I had Windows '95; back then everything seem to run
>ok, but since I've gotten the Windows '98 it all seems to go haywire!!
>First of all my camera is extremely temperamental and will install ok, but
>when it's time to perform I keep getting the message: "video capture device
>not found Cu-seemeV3.2; (418)." That's strange because I have the V3.1
>version. And, I am unable to connect to Four11 connect. I've re-registered
>with them for over 20 times to be sure I have it, but to no avail.
>Can someone please guide me through this, I getting fed up, and will
>probably send everthing back to where I bought it for a refund, or it's
>hammer time.