Re: Ok, I give in... gotta do something for the WP users with

Brian Godette (
Wed, 15 Jul 1998 10:49:19 -0600

At 12:58 AM 7/15/98 -0500, you wrote:
>On Tue, 14 Jul 1998, Brian Godette wrote:
>> I wonder how much this would bother WP if I added it to ERef... it's the
>> bare minimum that's required for the TCP sequence in WP clients use to
>> communicate the conference selection box plus fix the IP address for WP
>> clients on multi-homed systems.
>I say go for it...but then, I'm not White Pine. :)
>Would the code you included also send out the public conferences? How hard
>would it be for you to do that and include the conf-private commands? :)
>Unless you haven't bothered to get that far on it.

Having it display the list of public conferences is only a matter of
creating a null terminated string of all the public conference id/name
pairs on config load, and appending it to the state 6 reply, and adjusting
the length of course *(pkt+7) = is replaced by a memcpy(pkt+4, &int32, 4)
where int32 is 8+strlen(conf_list).

>> This also brings up another "bug" in the current Cornell 1.0 version... for
>> WP refs with no public conferences (which is what this code simulates),
>> Cornell 1.0 displays an empty conference selection box, WP clients simply
>> go on to the next state (close session).
>Perhaps I'm a bit confused...but why would the client try to close the
>connection with a reflector with no public conferences? Would this
>possibly be the cause of the WP 2.1 reflector bug that automatically
>crashed everytime a WP client connected to it if it had no
>public conferences?

close session state is in reference to the TCP connection, which only lasts
until you pick a conference. For refs with no public conference list,
Cornell 1.0 will display an empty conference selection box if quick-connect
isn't turned on.