Re: Live Cu video on web page

david morel (
Thu, 16 Jul 1998 01:26:49 -0400

Subject: Live Cu video on web page

how about ;
its not LIVE for that u need JavaCu.

I have used this and it works very well, it is a slick little code, very small
and simple, and the price is great :) But if you NEED a streaming solution
I would have to point towards WebCam 32. Yeah you have to pay, but it is
pretty cheap, I want to say $25.00 but I am not sure on that. I set up the
demo just to check it out, and it worked very well. (Man does it scream over
the lan)! And the speed was real nice on the net too. Set up was a piece of
cake. (Oh and if anyone would happen to be wondering I don't work for
WebCam 32) Just my $.02

but its very simple, and a good way to start
I also post HOW it is done.

Hi Frank, I spoke to you a few weeks ago about your code, it worked very well.
With the help of Streak, who gave me some help with expect code, I was
able to get that program working ok. I have only written two routines, one
to call the "who" command and one that sends a one time admit with a time
and IP to ref. I wanted to say thanks. And thanks to Streak too...
I may try and make it a not so ugly and behind the scenes tool if I get some
free time. Mostly I would like to use it launching from a web page, which I can
do on the who script, but it could work as a standalone if everything was
integrated. I will let you know as it progresses if your interested. Got to read
up some more before I do much though, I have not written any code in a
few years, and even when I was, I was not all that good. :)

Without ANY other third party software!