Re: Live Cu video on web page
Thu, 16 Jul 1998 07:00:06 -0400

Hi David,

Would like to see u post ur work on the page
That would be more than expected gratitude for


At 01:26 AM 7/16/98 -0400, david morel wrote:
>Subject: Live Cu video on web page
> how about ;
> its not LIVE for that u need JavaCu.
>I have used this and it works very well, it is a slick little code, very small
>and simple, and the price is great :) But if you NEED a streaming solution
>I would have to point towards WebCam 32. Yeah you have to pay, but it is
>pretty cheap, I want to say $25.00 but I am not sure on that. I set up the
>demo just to check it out, and it worked very well. (Man does it scream over
>the lan)! And the speed was real nice on the net too. Set up was a piece of
>cake. (Oh and if anyone would happen to be wondering I don't work for
>WebCam 32) Just my $.02
> but its very simple, and a good way to start
> I also post HOW it is done.
>Hi Frank, I spoke to you a few weeks ago about your code, it worked very well.
>With the help of Streak, who gave me some help with expect code, I was
>able to get that program working ok. I have only written two routines, one
>to call the "who" command and one that sends a one time admit with a time
>and IP to ref. I wanted to say thanks. And thanks to Streak too...
>I may try and make it a not so ugly and behind the scenes tool if I get some
>free time. Mostly I would like to use it launching from a web page, which I can
> do on the who script, but it could work as a standalone if everything was
> integrated. I will let you know as it progresses if your interested. Got
to read
> up some more before I do much though, I have not written any code in a
>few years, and even when I was, I was not all that good. :)
> Without ANY other third party software!