RE: Question for Brian, streak, those in the know

Jason Williams (
Thu, 16 Jul 1998 22:54:35 -0500 (CDT)

On Thu, 16 Jul 1998, david morel wrote:
> I suppose this is really the crux of the matter, without some way of
> telling the client to look for a different port, it wil make no
> difference what port the server is running on.

I know Brian's ChatCU client can use different ports. I suggested this
idea to White Pine for their client but got no response. It would really
be nice to be able to surf a few refs at once. Using something like the
Winnov drivers which allows for multiple programs to use the capture card
at once, it would mean I could essentially send/receive vid on multiple
reflectors. I have seen one program capable of doing this. It allowed
multiple connections to reflectors to obtain the MOTD and the participants

> That is the easy part....
> is actualy

As far as I know, DNS has no support for ports. DNS = name server stuff
only, not ports. Virtual web servers don't work this way either. From
what I know, virtual web servers use a client-returned header that
contains the host they're going to. The web server uses that to do
different things. Virtual web servers DON'T work by setting up IP/Port
pairs and then starting the daemon on a different port.

I also believe UDP can bind to ALL ports (if I remember correctly).

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