Re: Live Cu video on web page

Jamie Erbes (
Fri, 17 Jul 1998 01:43:46 -0700

One streaming video product that is browser independent, no client side plugins or controls (no server side either I believe) is GEO Emblaze ( There is a java applet that downloads and plays the proprietary video stream.

LIVE vid - They also released a live product that is along the same vein (no plugins or controls required). They did the publicized webcast of the Easter egg roll on the Whitehouse lawn this year.

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On 7/16/98, at 10:57 PM, Jason Williams wrote:

>On Thu, 16 Jul 1998, Doug Macduff wrote:
>> I hope this really doesn't confuse everyone, but a while ago, I asked a
>> similar
>> question as how to embed an avi into my web page...if this is what that
>> fellow
>> is asking...this is what I did. (Actually someone from here gave me the
>> formula below)
>That's fine for an AVI..but AVIs aren't live video :)
>embedding also doesn't seem to work with all browsers. I've only had
>limited success with it. But then, streaming vid also only seems to work
>with Netscape still.
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