Re: Hidden vs. Visible Participants

Jason Williams (
Sat, 18 Jul 1998 00:30:06 -0500 (CDT)

On Fri, 17 Jul 1998 wrote:
> Latest Cornell info says I can unhide a Hidden User by double-clicking, etc.
> Doesn't work for me.

If they are in the Hidden User section, double clicking on their name will
open their vid if you have the right codecs and the sender is sending in a
codec you can receive. will tell you all about the
codecs to get (main one people seem to use is MJPEG for color).

> I get video if they want me to (visible), but I have no choice.

It sounds like you have "Open Video Window Windows Automatically" checked
and it's opening 8 windows so you can't open any more. For anyone on a
modem, I'd highly suggest disabling the auto-open feature. You can also
increase the number of windows you can have open by increasing "Max Video

> Just started getting on CU last couple of nights, and so far my
> questions are ignored.

Well here's an answer :)

> Sent to Streak's IP and got my own video back, so I think I am
> connected, etc.

Weird...I don't normally have a self-reflect conference that sends your
own vid back.

> Also, my local video goes haywire occasionally and I have to exit, restart.

What kind of capture card do you have? Also keep in mind that the local
window (with your name on it) is what you're actually sending. The
preview window is there to help diagnose problems with sending in B&W.
The preview window isn't active for the color codecs.

> Also, never hit any voice?

I've done audio on CU a lot...seems to work great for me.. :)
Just gotta pause your vid, set your max send/receive to >20, close all
other vids, and use the Delta-Mod codec. I see you're on AOL, so that may
prevent you from using audio (and seeing much) if AOL is oversubscribed in
your area.

> Any ideas, anybody? I've been to White Pines Cafe, mostly -- same people
> usually chatting.

Don't forget the friendly "WP Monitor" :)
There's a much more extended list of reflectors from what comes with WP's
PhoneBook available at if you ever need
more Refs to play with.

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