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Jason Williams (
Sat, 18 Jul 1998 00:36:11 -0500 (CDT)

On Fri, 17 Jul 1998, Michael G. K. Canopin wrote:
> I've been having numerous problems with my video and audio since I've
> upgraded to Windows '98.

"upgraded"? :) well...whatever you want to call it. :)

> 1) While in Cu-seeme, I am able to connect, but the minute I get on, my
> video becomes frozen. I checked the hardware settings and configuration,
> but these things seem to help for not more than 10 seconds; then it fails
> again.

You didn't mention which version of CU you are using, but if you are using
the Cornell 1.0 version, make sure your audio isn't enabled (With the
latch checked). That would cause the problems you see. Also try
connecting to yourself ( and see if the problem persists.

> 2) I get a message saying that my Bt848 is not working, then I re-boot,
> and it works. Happens all the time. Is it my video card that needs changing?

I'm not sure how well the drivers for the Bt848 work in Win98 as I haven't
installed Win98. I know my STB PCI card which uses the Bt848 drivers
requires a video card that's DirectDraw compliant. So perhaps it is your
video card that needs updating. Though if it worked fine with the same
video card in Win95, I'm not so sure that's the problem. Grab a Quickcam
or something and see if the problem persists.

> 3) My audio doesn't show at all (not working) even though I have a good
> mic and speakers.

Perhaps another audio program is using the audio devices prior to loading
up CU which prevents CU from using it? If you are using Cornell 1.0, does
the audio window show up at all? If not, then that's why.

> Any suggestions from anyone what I could do? The same problem also occurs
> when using Microsoft NetMeeting, only worst! It says that I don't have a
> server!! I'm ready to check out.

That sounds like a network problem..but I don't know much about Netmeeting
other than the tests I've run on it connecting to my MPCS server.

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