Re: Problems...

Phil (
Sat, 18 Jul 1998 11:54:59 -0400

>I've been having numerous problems with my video and audio since I've
>upgraded to Windows '98.
>1) While in Cu-seeme, I am able to connect, but the minute I get on, my
>video becomes frozen. I checked the hardware settings and configuration,
>but these things seem to help for not more than 10 seconds; then it fails
>again. I changed cameras to see if this was the problem, but no.
>2) I get a message saying that my Bt848 is not working, then I re-boot,
>and it works. Happens all the time. Is it my video card that needs
>3) My audio doesn't show at all (not working) even though I have a good
>mic and speakers.
>Any suggestions from anyone what I could do? The same problem also occurs
>when using Microsoft NetMeeting, only worst! It says that I don't have a
>server!! I'm ready to check out.

I see 2 things happening here, and AFAIK they're the only real bugaboos to

1) When you install Win98, it will overwrite existing DLLs.

2) When you install software, Win98 will attempt to protect its' DLLs.

There's a new feature in Win98 called VCM, for Version Conflict Manager.
It's a great idea, but it needs work. What to do? First, try re-installing
the programs which are giving you trouble. If this fixes it, don't worry
about it any more. If this doesn't fix it, have a look at where your new
DLLs landed and put them in the proper directory manually.