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Bill Teasley (
Sat, 18 Jul 1998 11:23:57 -0500

BT848 Driver has ALWAYS been a conflict for me in NT and now Win98. I do
not suspect confilct as much as OS.

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From: Phil <>
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Date: Saturday, July 18, 1998 11:02 AM
Subject: Re: Problems...

>>I've been having numerous problems with my video and audio since I've
>>upgraded to Windows '98.
>>1) While in Cu-seeme, I am able to connect, but the minute I get on, my
>>video becomes frozen. I checked the hardware settings and configuration,
>>but these things seem to help for not more than 10 seconds; then it fails
>>again. I changed cameras to see if this was the problem, but no.
>>2) I get a message saying that my Bt848 is not working, then I re-boot,
>>and it works. Happens all the time. Is it my video card that needs
>>3) My audio doesn't show at all (not working) even though I have a good
>>mic and speakers.
>>Any suggestions from anyone what I could do? The same problem also occurs
>>when using Microsoft NetMeeting, only worst! It says that I don't have a
>>server!! I'm ready to check out.
>I see 2 things happening here, and AFAIK they're the only real bugaboos to
>1) When you install Win98, it will overwrite existing DLLs.
>2) When you install software, Win98 will attempt to protect its' DLLs.
>There's a new feature in Win98 called VCM, for Version Conflict Manager.
>It's a great idea, but it needs work. What to do? First, try
>the programs which are giving you trouble. If this fixes it, don't worry
>about it any more. If this doesn't fix it, have a look at where your new
>DLLs landed and put them in the proper directory manually.