MPCS? and source code discussion (semi-long)

david morel (
Tue, 21 Jul 1998 03:22:53 -0400

Hi folks,
it's gonna be rocky for a few days isn't it?
Question, who knows the scoop of the actual use of
h.323 with MPCS?
I downloaded the dreaded 3.x to play around with this,
from the 3.x machine I could see the netmeeting machine
without troubles, but the 3.x client was not even in my list of
connected users in netmeeting.
If I connect with 2.x , I can see the connection made, but netmeeting
says not sharing... and 2.x does NOT see the netmeeting. (that part was only
half what I expected) I believe the MPCS docs state that one should be
able to see other h.323 clients, but would have to use the t.120
server for chat.
I can tell you that the vid speeds were outragous coming from
netmeeting to Wpines, but I was also on my lan :)
Anyway, if you know the real truth as to the amount of interaction
capable, please let me know...
<the rest of this is about the ethics of programing CU related
items, and more specificaly, if I should continue writing a program I
have been working on for the last week, feel free to skip it if your
not interested, it's kind of long>
And now in the midst of what is shaping up to be a pretty good
fight over the ethics morality and technicalities of code, I have
come close to making a very crude refmarshal-like
program. I still have a few weeks ahead of me, but I am getting there.
(Streak, exploring expect came yesterday, man, this stuff is cool!)
I am working on it more for my own use then anything else, I will
probably give it to my refmons as well.. and was considering
just letting people that wanted to play with it, have it.
Now I am a little nervous about that though. I mean straight up,
I am "stealing" the idea without question, my whole application
is based on Dale Paul's refmarshal functionality, and frankly with out the
first ten lines of code that came from streak in an e-mail, I probably
would never have had the confidence to learn expect...
But man, when I sent my first herald from this shabby looking gui,
I was never so happy to see a MOTD window in my life :)
So do I shelf this thing? Am I asking for a brutal beating from the
most respected names in the cu-scene? Or do I continue on with this?
I mean the source, minus the intial log in sequence- which was
written in proably 11 seconds by streak- is mine. TCL/expect are
freely distributable, and the solution is only being written for NT to
interface with MPCS. I guess unix would/should have very little trouble
running the script though...
But in the end it is about the same as what Frank has done, which is
take an idea, modify it as he sees fit, and send it back out there..
[The morality of him using Brian's source is a tricky subject though,
isn't it? I think I will stay out of that debate]
Am I treading on some intelectual property rights?
(Note: I quit comp sci and became a philosophy major last year)

I guess what bothers me is that there are a lot of ego's clashing here
and in the end we should all be on "the same team"

The same team may be just be another way of saying:
Wpines 3.x is still lousy.

Seriously, for a lot of us CU is more then a hobby, it is an intrical
part of our lives. I have devoted a large chunk of the last
two+ years in one way or another to it, and I am newcomer by
most of your standards. Perhaps I have been lucky, I have been given
a lot of help along the way.. E-ref and a TON of help from streak the
most notable. Now, when I go on my ref, people think I know what I
am talking about LOL...Granted my skills lie more in getting a decent
crowd together then writing code, most of it is still way out of my
league - UPD what!?
But I do have this app on the verge, well if I can get the damn array to
function properly.. what do you think? Am I asking for trouble with
something like this or do I finish it up and see what it does?
Thoughts on that?
And don't forget about my actual intent in this mail, which was to get
the scoop on the reality of h.323 :)

I will refrain from sugesting a group hug....