MPCS, NM 2.1, and CU 3.1

Gary Dietz (
Tue, 21 Jul 1998 09:33:53 -0400

Pretty straightforward what can be done today:

1) NetMeeting Participant 1 in --> MPCS conference (configured as H.323)
2) NetMeeting Participant 2 in --> MPCS conference (configured as H.323)
3) NetMeeting Participant 3 in --> MPCS conference (configured as H.323)
4) CU 3.1 Part. 1 in same conference (sending H.263/G.723)
5) CU 3.1 Part. 2 in same conference (sending H.263/G.723)

Depending upon characteristics of the conference, the NetMeeting clients 1,
2, and 3 will see either the last person to speak of any client, or the
remote videos will switch on a timer basis. CU clients can pick and choose
as usual.

Chat will not interoperate between CU and NM (yet).

Pretty much same deal for Intel Business Video (ProShare) hardware assisted

The point of MPCS and NetMeeting *today* (or MPCS and ProShare for that
matter) is really for NetMeeting-only sites to be able to distribute audio
multipoint and have the conference control capability that MPCS provides.
Interoperability is cool too, but has the chat and multiple video
limitations imposed by the other endpoints.

In the near future, some really cool tools to allow client based selection
of received video in 3rd party H.323 clients. Neat stuff.

Also, as a really cool point, when we have an Intel Business Video
(Proshare) client sending video through MPCS on a LAN, using either
CU-SeeMe or NM as endpoints, we can *RECEIVE* the hardware assisted video
of the ProShare client at over 18 frames per second (and approaching 30 fps
on the right hardware).


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