Re: MPCS? and source code discussion (semi-long)

david morel (
Tue, 21 Jul 1998 11:31:12 -0400


Refmarshal works and works great. Why mess with
>perfection? Why step on Dale's toes when what he has with Refmarshal is
>great. If there's some aspect that you don't like about Refmarshal, email
>Dale. I'm sure he could get around to it at some point if it wasn't too
>hard to do. The same with my reflector scanner. I've had people email me

I still wonder what Refmarshal lacks. Your target
>market is the same as Refmarshal (ie: overlapping markets) which means

There is nothing wrong or lacking in refmarshal, it is great. You can
add any comand you want to the drop downs, it is fast and stable,
etc.ect... But there is this one thing... I wanted to see if I could do it.
It all started when I had to find a way to send a onetime admit
comand to the reflector via cgi script for a web page. Well once
your automating, it gets kind of exciting. So I thought, hmmmm
maybe I should see if I can pull this off.

There is no real competition, I have no intent on developing anything
even in the realm of refmarshal, aside from a few standard comand's
and an interperted entry widget, that is gonna be about it.
Plus as you pointed out you will have to load TCL/expect onto the
machine to run it...
This is not a beauty, it is more of a wow, can I actualy do this? kind
of thing..
Still in the end, someone if not just the one of my refmons who
refuses to pay for refmarshal, the other 4 have it, may find it useful.

Oh and thanks for the answers on H.323 I think it was not sending with
the proper codec in 3.x that was the problem.