Re: MPCS? and source code discussion (semi-long)

david morel (
Tue, 21 Jul 1998 23:31:02 -0400

>On Tue, 21 Jul 1998, david morel wrote:
>> There is nothing wrong or lacking in refmarshal, it is great. You can
>> add any comand you want to the drop downs, it is fast and stable,
>> etc.ect... But there is this one thing... I wanted to see if I could do

>Yep...I can understand that :) It's what led me to my reflector
> see if it can be done. As well as a lot of other things.

Scary isn't it?
I have to tell you, I am actualy having a good time, I have not written
any code for a couple of years, and back then it was all school stuff
C++ and java, nothing that was interesting, just a grade you know...
This is actualy fun!

>proxy server for Refmarshal started out as a "hmm..let's see what happens
>if I mimic a reflector with telnet but let it connect to other
>reflectors". Curiosity is good (and can also be powerful).

Sort of the same thing here, needed to send just one command,
and then I figured, if I can send one, why not any?

And speaking of power...
I am feeling the power of this language, I can't thank you
enough for the recomandation...
I just found a way to pull the IP's out (providing the user does not have an
@ in the nick LOL)
Now I am going to learn about array building in expect... Bless this

>Good luck with it...

Thanks, I will send you a copy of the script when it is done, if you
want to see it. I am sure you could probably write it in a few hours, but
you know, I have been doing databases for the last three months non-
stop and this is a very nice distraction.

>and I doubt you'll have any legal problems with it. :)

I presume you will come visit me in jail if I do (do you think they
would let me bring my laptop?) <g>