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Alan Jarvi (
23 Jul 1998 08:00:11 -0400


Check out the info on capture formats at:

You should be able, hopefully, to set your capture devices format to
one of these. Good Luck...


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Subject: Kodak DVC 323
Author: at EXTERNAL
Date: 07/23/98 07:16

I have a Kodak DVC323 which is connected via USB. I am trying to use
V1.0 of cornell cu-seeme software but I receive a message "unsupported video
capture setting".

I appear to be able to use microsoft netmeeting Ok but am experiencing some
with cu-seeme.

My capture device is "microsoft wdm Image Capture" but none of the codec
settings seem to work. I receive an Image from my camera but when I try to
connect to a reflector I still considered a lurker.

Can someone advice if I should forget about using my vidCam with cornell
cu-seeme or if there is a codec that I should be using that I need to supply.

Please address rsponse to

Can response be made fairly simple and not too technical as I am just a
poor mainframe hack. If there is a codec available can you also advise
as to how I may install it.

Please rescue me from lurkerland.


Ian Salveson