Re: OverLord (was Re: MPCS? and source code discussion

Scott Lacroix (
Thu, 23 Jul 1998 12:34:06 -0400

At 03:47 AM 7/22/98 -0500, Bill Woodland wrote:
>White Pine's next version (MeetingPoint Conferencing Server 3.0 ) came
>with a java based GUI, and WPMANAGE won't work on that reflector version.
>I happen to hate java (personal reasons) and with the java GUI there's a
>catch: you can't use the java GUI if you put in a telnet password. Without
>a telnet password, you wouldn't want to open up the allow-wpconfig to the
>entire world, so Refmarshal can't be used from my home unless I enter
>allow-wpconfig statements for each class C net that my ISP uses. It can be
>done, but it's a pain.

Actually... no it's not. Because of built-in Java security, it doesn't
work that way. You see, Java cannot open sockets to arbitrary points on the
'Net. It can only talk to the server from which it was run. (Ok, I admit...
there are ways to re-configure the Java security in the client and
server(s) to allow less restricted access... but most people won't do that,
so we don't even consider it an option).
I'm not going to get into the techinical details ('cuz SOMEBODY might be
reading along.... :) but take my word for it: The ONLY IP address you need
to add to the allow-wpconfig list to make the Java GUI work is the address
of the server itself. (Well, tecnically, if you have a network/domain of
linked servers, the servers need to have each-others addresses in the allow
lists...) Everything else is done by username/password via the Java applets.

>Yes, I have copied White Pine's IDEA for the GUI interface, but I believe
>I've made MAJOR improvements to it. I didn't steal their code and claim it
>as my own.

Hey man, my mother used to tell me "Copying is the most sincere form of
compliment". Of course that was when my sister was picking on me... and
generally didn't involve copyright infringement. :)

Hmmm... I've been meaning to wander over to that website and check out
Overlord anyway...

(Mind you, none of that is meant to be construed as an agreement to allow
Bill to copy the WhitePine GUI... nor do I speak as a representative of
anyone but myself... and as everyone knows, I'm certainly not a lawyer...
did I cover it all? :)

- Scott


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