Re: OverLord (was Re: MPCS? and source code discussion

Scott Lacroix (
Thu, 23 Jul 1998 16:04:28 -0400

At 01:48 PM 7/23/98 -0500, Jason Williams wrote:
>On Thu, 23 Jul 1998, Scott Lacroix wrote:
>> Actually... no it's not. Because of built-in Java security, it doesn't
>> work that way. You see, Java cannot open sockets to arbitrary points on the
>> 'Net. It can only talk to the server from which it was run.
>I believe you missed Bill's point (or I missed it). What I got out of
>what he said was order to use the Java GUI, you can't password
>the server.

Why so you're right! I was scanning a BUNCH of list-mail and mis-read one
word... I thought he was talking about the GUI here and not RefMarshal:

>At 03:47 AM 7/22/98 -0500, Bill Woodland wrote:
>>so Refmarshal can't be used from my home unless I enter
>>allow-wpconfig statements for each class C net that my ISP uses. It can be
>>done, but it's a pain.

You don't need to allow all the class C subnets for the WhitePine GUI.
Just the single IP address of the server itself. With RefMarshal you will
have to allow all addresses. Oops.

>If you don't password the server, the telnet is left wide
>open for anyone that has an allow-wpconfig line for their IP.

Yes, but if you use ONLY the WP GUI, no-one but the server has it's IP
address in the allow-wpconfig list. (Before you say it, yes, I understand
the limitations enforced by that).

>The thing
>me (and Bill and quite a few other MPCS folks) have said is to let people
>use BOTH the GUI AND the telnet. They should both work independently but
>for some reason never have. If you password the telnet, the GUI breaks.
>If you don't password the GUI, telnet breaks. Why the dependency?

Under what circumstance does telnet break? I'm not sure I follow that...
Or did you just mean that you can't use the password and thus are limited
in functionality? Like I said, using the GUI you don't need a telnet
password since no-one should be in the allow-wpconfig list anyway.

>> I'm not going to get into the techinical details ('cuz SOMEBODY might be
>> reading along.... :) but take my word for it: The ONLY IP address you need
>> to add to the allow-wpconfig list to make the Java GUI work is the address
>> of the server itself.
>It's weird...I did do that...then telnetted MPCS and the GUI just stopped
>working. It seemed none of the commands would work anymore. Is port 7642
>passworded as well somehow?

You telnetted to port 7642? That would be counter-productive... much like
telnetting to port 80 on your webserver. In fact, almost EXACTLY like that.
But if you've got a situation where you can cause telnet to mis-function
(note the carefully worded sentence :) please send it here! I'd like to
clear that up quickly!
But in general, I do that all the time. Just set up your WP GUI as normal,
then telnet to the UNIX server and telnet to (port 7640). Works
like a charm. If you don't like the extra hop of telnetting to the UNIX box
first, just add your local IP address (or subnet) to the allow list (which
can actually be done dynamically via the "telnet" page of the GUI) and
telnet from your local system. I do that too...

>> Hmmm... I've been meaning to wander over to that website and check out
>> Overlord anyway...
>Give it a shot...Bill has been working hard on it and is doing a great

I will. :)

>It's too bad White Pine refuses to pick up some of the cool apps out
>there and support them publicly. I know the WP Monitors from Powerscourt
>use Refmarshal to police WP's it must be a pretty good product.

Actually, I use it myself for monitoring. (WHOA, Did a guy at WhitePine
admit to using a non-WhitePine product??? Next I'll be saying I use the
Cornell v1.0 client too! Wait... I DO use it... :) But PUBLICLY supporting
someone else's code can be a support nightmare and we've already been
through that flame war! BTW, sometimes we DO things like that... take the
"CU-Cessories" (available on the CU-SeeMe client CD-ROM) as examples.

Anyway... sorry for the confusion.

- Scott


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