Re: Color support for Mac OS...

Jeeves (
Sat, 25 Jul 1998 20:38:19 -0600 wrote:
>> i recently vewed video from someone on a public reflector who was using an
>> alpha version of cornell cu for the 68k mac. they were sending video using
>> the mJPEG video codec.
>I've been "informed" that the Mac Cornell alpha versions are being
>released as FAT binaries. I'm not a Mac guru, but I know that means it
>will run on both 68K as well as PPC machines. So it looks like the only
>limit will be the codecs. Any codec available on a 68K Mac should work.

True - but don't 'great' performance. In addition, the application *may*
require as much as 8.5mb of RAM, even though the application *may* be as
small as 900k on disk.