CuSeeMe, HP 8160 and Connectix QC Grey Scale

Rodney Bell (
Mon, 27 Jul 1998 02:48:55 -0500 (CDT)

I had my Connectix grey scale quick cam installed on my old compaq
using Quick Pict and CuSeeMe and it worked fine. I purchased a HP 8160
and cannot make it work. I have changed the type of ports in bios, in
Windows Control Panel, installed a second parallel port, reinstalled the
software over and over and get no image out of my Connectix Grey Scale
Quick Cam. Connectix Tech Support sent a sheet about the error message
"port in use by another device, not connected or not detected" and it
didnn't help. Wonder if they know what they're doing.
Any way of testing the camera??? Any help would be appreciated. I
have posted for help all over the web and haven't gotten any answers. I
have searched many search engines and still know nothing more than I
knew before. TIA,

Rodney A. Bell, II P.O. Box 45357,
Kansas City MO 64171 (816) 931-6829