Re: CuSeeMe, HP 8160 and Connectix QC Grey Scale

Roger Randall (randall@Kuentos.Guam.Net)
Mon, 27 Jul 1998 22:16:22 +1000 (GST)

Rodney, I'm also having a problem similar to yours and hope someone
out there can provide some advise. I have the QuickCam VC, parallel
port version. I have never been able to get it installed on my desktop
computer which is a 200mhz. I've tried all the help pages on the
Connectix web site without success, uninstall/remove hardware, and start
over, etc. I did configure my port for ECP. I also have a controller
card that would give me a second parallel port but haven't tried it yet.
Since you didn't have any luck with another port, maybe I'll hold off
until I can get some help.
My problem is that Windows95 has never recoginzed the Cam as new H/W.
I've followed the help pages on doing a manual install should this happen,
and still am not getting the drivers installed properly. The web help
page says the older version of Windows 95 may not recoginzed the new H/W,
but I have the OEM SR 2. I get the same error notice as you if I try
to load the Cam software "port in use by another device, not connected,
etc." I also thought that the Cam may be bad, so tried an install on
my old 100mhz laptop with only 8mb ram (with an old original version of
windows) and it recoginzed new hardware and installed the drivers first
time with no problems at I know now that the cam works!
I was thinking it may be the printer, an Epson Stylus Color 800,
that's installed and causing a conflict. My laptop has no printer
drivers installed and the cam installed on it without a problem.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Tks, Roger...
Dededo, Guam, USA (A tropical paradise in the Pacific)

On Mon, 27 Jul 1998, Rodney Bell wrote:

> I had my Connectix grey scale quick cam installed on my old compaq
> using Quick Pict and CuSeeMe and it worked fine. I purchased a HP 8160
> and cannot make it work. I have changed the type of ports in bios, in
> Windows Control Panel, installed a second parallel port, reinstalled the
> software over and over and get no image out of my Connectix Grey Scale
> Quick Cam. Connectix Tech Support sent a sheet about the error message
> "port in use by another device, not connected or not detected" and it
> didnn't help. Wonder if they know what they're doing.
> Any way of testing the camera??? Any help would be appreciated. I
> have posted for help all over the web and haven't gotten any answers. I
> have searched many search engines and still know nothing more than I
> knew before. TIA,
> Rodney A. Bell, II
> P.O. Box 45357,
> Kansas City MO 64171 (816) 931-6829