Re: *.CSM file connecting

Jason Williams (
Mon, 27 Jul 1998 16:48:45 -0500 (CDT)

On Mon, 27 Jul 1998, Jeff Conrad wrote:
> But when I change the IP address in the *.csm file to the person's host,
> such as 't5555m', the *.CSM file will launch the CU-SeeMe software, but
> will not try to connect to the host. (Although if you type the same
> host name 't5555m' into the connect field within CU-SeeMe's phonebook
> launcher, it _will_ try to connect to that host).
> Entering a hostname@domainName, or hostname.domainName does not seem to
> help...Does anyone have experience with this sort of problem?

Have you tried it from other machines? You didn't mention what version of
CU you are doing this from. I only have experience doing this from the
Cornell 1.0 version. I know it does work fine for that. Maybe check out
my reflector scanner
( and find a
reflector with a hostname and click the Go icon to connect. See what
happens. I know it works fine for the Cornell 1.0 version as I've used my
scanner's list often to connect to reflectors off of. I don't see how it
could be a 3.1.1 problem either as I know quite a few of the reflectors in
their phone book have hostnames instead of numerical IPs. If you're using
3.1.1, try exporting one as a csm/cu file (I forget which 3.1.1 uses) and
then double clicking on it.

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