Re: *.CSM file connecting

Jeff Conrad (
Tue, 28 Jul 1998 12:28:30 -0500

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Jason Williams wrote:

> On Mon, 27 Jul 1998, Jeff Conrad wrote:
> > But when I change the IP address in the *.csm file to the person's host,
> > such as 't5555m', the *.CSM file will launch the CU-SeeMe software, but
> > will not try to connect to the host. (Although if you type the same
> > host name 't5555m' into the connect field within CU-SeeMe's phonebook
> > launcher, it _will_ try to connect to that host).
> >
> > Entering a hostname@domainName, or hostname.domainName does not seem to
> > help...Does anyone have experience with this sort of problem?
> Have you tried it from other machines?

I was using a Pentium II 333 Mhz and a Pentium 166 Mhz, both running
Window95.I haven't been able to launch *.csm files from the Macintosh 7500
with the MacOS
CUSeeMe 0.8x? - but that's not necessary right now.

> You didn't mention what version of
> CU you are doing this from.

I can't get the CUSeeMe 1.0 version to work on the 166 Mhz, but the 0.92beta
works okay there. The 1.0 version works fine on the 333. Both versions of
have been configured to recognize *.csm files as a type "application/x-csm".
Both can
launch to an IP in a *.csm file as described under Bill Woodland's 1.0 help

> I only have experience doing this from the
> Cornell 1.0 version. I know it does work fine for that. Maybe check out
> my reflector scanner
> ( and find a
> reflector with a hostname and click the Go icon to connect. See what
> happens. I know it works fine for the Cornell 1.0 version as I've used my
> scanner's list often to connect to reflectors off of.

I cannot get to those reflectors, probably because of the firewall. But it
does fire up
the application and make a stab at that IP address. My guess is that when I
specify the
hostname.domainname, some sort of internal security is blocking me.

So for now it means linking to a saved *.csm file which is updated for the
users on their
internal list. The username would be the file prefix, only the contents would

The other alternative, is a CGI call like you are doing Jason, but I haven't
figured out
why mine's not working yet.

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