CUSeeMe Launched via CGI

Jeff Conrad (
Tue, 28 Jul 1998 12:28:50 -0500

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I have been experimenting with launching CUSeeMe from a CGI script, such
from an HTML page within an intranet setup. For internal conferencing
with dynamic
IP addresses, we save the most recent IP address in a user database. If
someone else
would want to connect to that user (assuming we're not going through a
firewall, and
their CUSeeMe is up and running), we use the return of a CGI call to
their database,
returning their most recent IP address, sending CUSeeMe on the client
machine to
that IP's reflector.

I have a C, CGI script that does (sans extra C code to actually do it):


But when I try to call the compiled CGI, I get a server error -
The server is set up to recognize application/x-csm. Setting this same
IP in
a file works.

It seems like it needs more in the CGI return, or how it's returned. Do
you any ideas
as to what else is needed before the CGI is launched properly as an

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