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Tue, 28 Jul 1998 13:44:59 -0400

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Date: Tuesday, July 28, 1998 11:35 AM
Subject: RE: Cu-SeeMe and the LAN

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>> Perhaps you're right...As I said, my experience is limited to
>> about 50,000 computers on campus. But if most government and
>> universities have LANS that support CU-SeeMe, that has to be
>> a pretty large number of desktops. :)
>Our problem here is that the firewall administrators won't open
>any extra ports due to the security risk. :-/

That can be very frustrating when you can not get
the necessary cooperation from people in your own organization.

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>> > > I also talked to a guy (got him on my ICQ list in fact)
>> > > that uses the Microsoft Proxy with the White Pine version
>> > > of CU. He opened up the right ports and it worked.
>> >
>> > This one I don't believe at all and I think you are wrong.
>> > But PLEASE prove me wrong :-) I would love to know the
>> > settings that would do that!
>>From what I understand, when you use the MS Proxy you need to
>use _real_ IP Addresses. This is probably what makes the
>difference (?).

Well yes you do need a real ip at the server, but the whole idea behind a
proxy is to have the ability to
connect workstation on the LAN with private IP's to the Internet .

Thank you for your reply.

Robert Prociak

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